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As a cloud-based service, Multiplex Internet Services Mail Control blocks 100% of viruses and more than 99% of spam emails before they reach your network. A virus attack can destroy your business in minutes. With our Mail Control, virus attacks via your e-mail are removed before they enter your system. We offer better email protection, combined with simple management via an intuitive control panel. Our prices are as follows:

MailController cost per user per year (plus VAT)

Number of users Spam FilteringSpam & Virus
5 - 732
8 - 931
10 - 1428

Guaranteed to block over 99% of email spam and phishing attacks | Preserve company bandwidth and save costs | Ensure the lowest rate of false positives with advanced statistical analysis | Outbound spam protection prevents infected company machines from sending spam

Technical support
ALL support is UK-based - it is us, not a call centre! please call us or email us now for details.

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